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Join fellow farm owners as you grow, harvest, and earn. CropXYZ is one of the first NFT games that allows you to earn yield from digital land!

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We will only create a limited amount to begin so to gain access to alpha gameplay and early access prizes you need to own one! Starter packs give you a digital plot, seeds and some have fertilizer.

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Grow What You Love!

In deciding what plot to buy, you have the option of growing five different kinds of crops. Not only that but you get your pick of specific varieties of those crops. Here's a breakdown of what you're able to grow on your farm:


Grains are the simplest plot type available to beginning players. It is by far the easiest and fastest crop to grow.





Grab a little butter, a touch of salt, and corn will make anyone’s life better!
It’s said that the first human to eat oats had been cursed with madness and thought of himself as a cow. Proceed with caution.
With enough wheat you can make a good beer, loaf of bread and a side dish of pasta. Oh, what would we do without you?
Wild Rice
Large blades of green and red that hold a tasty little treasure within them.


To bean or to not bean is the true question. As you get better at harvesting, try your hand at growing a plot of beans. They are a bit slower than grain but overall still pretty simple.





Black Beans
A rarer and more expensive bean variant, it’s fit for a king’s side dish.
Although a bit underwhelming at first, you can make some tasty food with it!
Green Peas
Nice food for adults, and the bane of every kid in human history.
Kidney Beans
One of the most common varieties of bean, it’s so simple but oh so good - just like life in the farmlands.
Pinto Beans
Rumor has it Eleanor Pinto, the woman who discovered this bean variant, was buried alongside tens of thousands of pinto beans.


Certainly a welcome challenge for any farmers looking to work a bit harder and grow some new types of crops.





The secret to growing large cantaloupes is by sprinkling them with fresh fairy dust.
Looking for a healthy snack? Grapes. Looking for some sweet, sweet wine? Yes, also grapes.
Always a fan favorite when October rolls around. Many towns hold annual competitions for the largest pumpkin.
Few produce items are as versatile as tomatoes. When there is a shortage of gold pieces, some markets switch to tomatoes as currency.
It takes an expert farmer to grow watermelons larger than a rock, let alone the enormous ones often seen at town markets.


Whether you are looking for a sweet treat, increased experience points or just a solid set of crops to sell, try out a berry plot.





Children grab them off the trees so often that there’s often none left to harvest.
Granted, not everyone likes blueberries, but those who do can’t get enough of them.
Goji Berries
An exotic berry variant said to have originated from another dimension.
Leaving raspberry juice outside in a small pot is a sure way to attract good fortune (or bees at the very least) - whatever it is, it's always convenient to feed the local spirits!
Certain fields have had to hire night guards because of “strawberry bandits”, lowlives who snatch them and sell them in the next town over.


A true expert is one who can effortlessly grow a plot full of flowers. The flowers plot-type is notoriously hard to grow, let alone maintain the perfect water balance.





Plain white petals, yellow center, simple beauty. Good for salads and teas, too.
No farm is complete without a plot of hops. They are an essential part of any successful farm, as breweries simply can’t get enough of them!
The dazzling fragrance of a garden-grown lily would make any perfumer weep.
Romantic, beautiful, and elegant. There’s not much that hasn’t been said about this flower.
Sunflower covered fields are a wondrous sight. Some nights, gnomes can be seen playing between their stems.
Season 1: coming soon

There's more in every season!

In season one, there are more than 20 different and unique crops to choose from. And with each new season brings new crops, plot types and in game abilities and features.

Learn how to play!
How to play

Learn the Basics


In every new season, a new batch of Title Deeds come available for players to buy. They relate to farm plots that vary in size, yield and crop type making each plot of land uniquely different.

As a beginner, you might want to start with the 1x1 plot, which is the smallest and cheapest, but it typically has the lowest yield. The larger plots (e.g., a 5x5 plot) are more expensive but have much higher yields, so they are good for harvesting crops to sell or trade.


Seeds are the happy byproduct of a successful harvest and the main way farmers can yield more crops in the future.

You can either buy the seeds directly from the game with XYZ-G (the in game gold) or you can trade with fellow farmers who specialize in growing certain crops.


Once you've got your plots and seeds from the store, all you really need to do is plant and water them. Within the span of a few short minutes, you will see your crops grow and flourish. 

Unfortunately, if you neglect to harvest or take care of the plants, they will begin to die and be considered "dead," which is the last growth phase.


When your plants have reached the fully grown state, you can harvest the seeds to be sold back to the game.

Naturally, every time you use the same plot to grow crops and harvest them, it will grow to be more efficient and return more seeds. That means players can keep planting and harvesting to earn more seeds and eventually sell their excess to the shop or other players for XYZ-G.


Given that this is a blockchain enabled game, as you make changes to your farm, you will periodically need to let the blockchain know of all the those activities.

Syncing packages up your local updates into a single transaction and sends those changes to the Ethereum mainnet via a wallet like MetaMask. 
Simple Gameplay

Storage, shops and crops!

While the shop is where you go to receive your starter basket with everything you need to get started farming, the storage shed is the place you go to check out what kind of seeds you own.

You will also get to know how much of each type of seed you have, as well as what kind of special items you have access to.

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